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Hello, World!

I'm Christian (he/him), and I'm an Internet power-user, creator, and Certified Scrum Developer® engineer. Specializing in browser-based experiences, my goal is to share what I know about making beautiful UI and frictionless UX accessible to everyone.

This is my blog

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These are my tenants

  1. Premium UI development

    High-end, accessible interfaces must elevate the user's browsing experience. Customers perceive quality based on the standards set by their favorite mobile and desktop websites, regardless of industry or purpose.
  2. Maintainable software

    Yours, mine, ours— everyone is invested in the code. It must be logical and maintainable, it must have context about its existence, and it must be written cohesively so everyone can understand.
  3. Full-stack and full-cycle

    As you know, there's more to a website than its code. In addition to business objectives, there's planning, refining, designing, prototyping, developing, documenting, testing, deploying, supporting, reporting, advertising, marketing, et cetera. Therefore, I pay attention to all these aspects to ensure effective design and development cycles that favor the investments spent to delight the users.
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